Professional Supervision

Professional supervision has been part of my life for over 30 years through roles in the health system, education, military, church, and restorative justice. 

I’ve benefitted enormously from the supportive experience and wisdom of the diverse range of people who have been my supervisors, which forms a solid foundation for me to supervise others and facilitate reflective practice groups.

My professional training is in pastoral and spiritual care, education, theology, supervision, narrative, and restorative practices. In 2024 I’m further developing my skills by studying a Post Graduate Certificate in Theology and Supervision. 

I provide supervision to people keen to be reflective about their work. Along with the important boundary issues I will be concerned about what runs deep for you. How you understand the meaning and purpose of your life and how you tend your soul. All things that help build your inner core and the healing presence you bring to the world.

Timing: One-hour sessions, usually online.
Cost: NZ$110.00/session