Welcome, I’m Sande Ramage. My professional life involves work in spiritual care, restorative justice, and professional supervision.

The Spirited Crone blog is where I tangle with spirituality one word at a time. I do this because words matter. They wound their way into me through the stories from my childhood. First in Jewish and Christian scriptures, and then the world of Narnia. Those stories, mythologies and philosophical ideas mixed and mingled, a bit like dancing a lifelong tango. Intense and enriching.

Interestingly, the art of storytelling is a central part of my current professional work. This is because it involves intense listening to life stories in what becomes sacred space between people. Sometime the stories can be distressing but also life-giving. Part of the healing process as people start writing their own new chapters in their unique life story.

These days I weave my Judeo/Christian tradition and theological training with the exploration of dreams through a Jungian lens, immersion in movies on the big screen, reading dark crime novels (love those Scandinavian writers!) and historical fiction about Tudor times. The icing on the cake is always the harmonic balance of a classical music concert with a soaring soprano.  

Thanks for dropping by….