Welcome. I’m Sande Ramage and the Spirited Crone blog is where I tangle with spirituality, and what it is to be an ageing woman, one word at a time.

Words matter. They wound their way into me through the stories from my childhood. First in Jewish and Christian scriptures, and then the world of Narnia. Those stories, mythologies and philosophical ideas mixed and mingled, a bit like dancing a lifelong tango. Intense and enriching.

These days stories come to life for me on the big screen, exploring dreams through a Jungian lens, reading dark crime novels (love those Sandinavian writers!) and historical fiction about Tudor times.

The art of storytelling is also a central part of my work in restorative practice, spiritual direction, professional supervision, and spiritual care.  Holding those stories as precious in what becomes sacred space between people is paramount. It can be a life-giving and healing process for all involved.

The Spirited Crone emerged as I started to age. She appears in many cultures and mythologies as a wise woman. Sometimes valued but often feared when appearing as the Witch or Hag. In triple goddess imagery, she is the last aspect of life alongside the mother and maiden. Integrating the Crone archetype has been valuable as I try to recover my instinctual spirituality beyond institutional religion.

Christianity has not always been kind to the Crone, and I’ve slowly come to recognise that the growth of her in me is part of reclaiming my own spirituality, without wanting to diminish the enormous contribution the Christian tradition has had in my life.

Thanks for dropping by….