on rainbows, chaos, Prof Dawkins and the tail end of an elephant

like rainbows that never reach the pot of gold
there’s a kind of beauty in the unrealised
the unfinished, the chaotic

omnipotent god
(the one Prof Dawkins fights with
good on him but it’s limited,

like only seeing an elephant from the tail end)
as I was saying,
omnipotent god might feel frustrated in that kind of world,
my world
lacking finish and finesse

within that chaos
(when I’m kinder to my tiresome obsessions,
be compliant, likeable, successful, whatever; the list grinds on)
god, the unfinished, the unrealised,
becomes for me
a grudging acceptance of my within

This piece/prayer/poem/cry of the heart was first created in June 2016 when I was wrestling with a great deal of criticism in relation to my theological ideas. Writing on rainbows etc was therapeutic. I love it, perhaps because it symbolises the chaotic and eternally unfinished exploration of what we mean by god that is central to my human journey and maybe it’s part of yours too. I encourage you to keep on exploring. 

5 Replies to “on rainbows, chaos, Prof Dawkins and the tail end of an elephant”

  1. surely the ‘unfinished god’ is the god of patriarchy, theft by force, money, slavery, poverty, death: otherwise known as capitalism. Unfinished because of it’s ignorance of/fear of? the feminine principle, and slowness to recognise and accept, that women are the other side of wisdom, the part that makes the holy, whole.

    1. hi Robin
      Thanks for the response. I reckon I can go along with that. Will write something about the missing principle pretty soon.

    1. Well, I think when the godstuff gets caught up in organisations that have a dogma and a complete theology, only theology is never complete but you know what I mean, then it becomes rigid with no room for flex and grow and god ideas that are messy.

      My experience is that the godstuff is ever evolving and dependent on our own lives, experience and exploration. I guess that makes it subjective. Thinking some more about that..

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