On love and loss

When you wake from broken sleep
unrested, unresolved,
unpicking lies, the weft and warp
of love gone awry.

When realisation dawns
bright as day, that betrayal
cascades through human hope
corroding your soul’s protective layer.  

Then it’s time for Truth
withdrawing projections that undermine reality
holding the curtain back, seeing things
as they are, not as we want them to be.

Hold fast to the Godde
She who appears in the moon’s soft light
unfolding Truth’s healing cloak, to wrap you
in more than illusory fragments.

Breathe in Her restorative power
leave that which drags you down
turn to face the dawn’s promise
Her imprint on your broken heart.

For Kate, who was courageous enough to try and love again.
May she eventually give it another go.

Image: Source unknown

2 Replies to “On love and loss”

  1. Beautifully crafted spiritual poetry
    True to my experience
    Haunted by ghosts of Christmas Past
    It was a conscious decision
    To embrace the joys of the present
    Releasing the past, which had seemed
    Wonderful till it was no longer

    Thanks, dear friend
    Nice to see you still
    Enchant words with your magic

    1. No truer word spoken! The tricky bit is letting the ghosts tootle off some place else, dont you think? They have an alarming tendency to keep coming back like bad smells. Perhaps I need to invite some in for a cuppa and see what they need…

      Thanks for your encouragement. As we know, in the beginning was the Word and this year I hope to keep her close by. Let’s hope enchantment comes from that and not the ghostly presences…

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