Nothing out there, but..

What humans mean by Godde is always up for debate from an intellectual perspective. But that’s not all there is to it.

Our own intuitive experience is essential in this process of meaning making. In that process, questions about the location of what we mean by Godde often arise.

Is Godde out there somewhere? Or is there some kind of divine quality within humanity, all living beings and the ever expanding universe? And how does awareness of that develop?

you might recall Godde
that talking to you, or
what I thought was you
was always a thing for me
despite your mute disregard

undeterred, I kept talking
until one day, mid-spiel
I sat quite still, acutely aware
there’s nothing out there
except my echo. Damn!

a tsunami moment
when knowing cascades
but not knowing, yet
what there is to know
or how to get there

relentless, I re-searched
feasted on logos
let intellect reign
that delectable deceiver
suave, until falling flat

caught in unknowing
knee deep in debris
silence absorbed me
then, another insistent voice
within now, from self

you might recall Godde
that what I mourned
rebirthed, unwound itself
from dreams and symbols
enabling us to begin again

Image: Chris Neiman Art

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