Funeral Celebrant

Death and the accompanying grief need to be marked in heartfelt ways, but we’re often speechless and grief stricken at that time. What do you say? How do you gather up a life of joys and sorrows in ways that will be meaningful and make sense to those gathered? 

Sande Ramage – your Funeral Celebrant in Manawatu

Funeral Celebrant Manawatu Sande Ramage
Photo: ORNELLA BINNI on Unsplash

My 20 years of developing rituals as Spiritual Care Coordinator at Palmerston North hospital, and previously as an Anglican priest, can help you create a funeral that is down to earth and reflects what matters most to you. In addition, I can help you create a gathering that incorporates spiritual and religious elements that might have been lost over time. More about me here

Underpinning this is my long experience in pastoral care, which is particularly useful when death is unexpected or surrounded by tragic circumstances. People tell me that my ability to listen compassionately to pain, anger and confusion can help make the transition to healthy grieving.  

For Manawatu funerals: or phone 027 4788 184